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Tree Services


Pruning trees may be required for numerous reasons. Our arborist can help you determine the best solutions that will maximize the overall health and beauty of your trees.  The following options are available for our customers:

  • Removal of dead or weak limbs that pose a safety hazard or may lead to decay

  • Removal of diseased or insect infested limbs

  • Removal of limbs that interfere with buildings, wires, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows or sidewalks

  • Improving overall structure of tree to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential for storm damage

  • Removing branches, or thinning, to increase light penetration and allow room for new growth

  • To strategically reduce the height of a tree or to raise a tree's canopy

  • Improving the overall shape, silhouette and appearance of the tree



There are several reasons why a person/company or HOA may choose tree removal as an option for them. Green Tree Services has the proper equipment and training to do the job safely and quickly while causing the least amount of disruption for our clients. While tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. An arborist can help decide whether a tree should be removed. 

Situations where removal is recommended:


  • the tree is already dead or dying and may pose a threat to your safety

  • the root system of the tree may become overbearing to your foundations, driveways or sidewalks causing extensive damage

  • the tree is causing crowding and causing harm to other trees 

  • tree(s) located in an area where new construction requires removal


If your site needs to be cleared of trees, brush, logs or general debris, we have the necessary equipment to handle your project. Don't worry about unsightly burn piles - let us do all the work and remove the waste material from your site safely and efficiently. Our cleanup is thorough, and we completely remove all wood and brush. Whether you choose to leave certain select trees in place, or have the whole lot completely cleaned, we’ll perform the work to your specifications.​

Before & After


Stump grinding is the last step required to complete an overall tree removal service. After a tree has been removed leaving the stump above ground actually means that the tree is still alive. The tree’s root system continues to grow and expand underground. Tree roots can be the cause of pavement cracking, sewage and storm drain system damage, foundation fractures, basement leaks due to cracked foundation walls and numerous other issues.

Stump removal requires complete removal of the root collar. Root collars are often 2-3 times the diameter of the stump that appears above ground. Green Tree Services will grind the stump & root collar into mulch using a stump grinder. Customers can choose to keep the mulch or we’ll take it away. We will then fill in the hole and level the surface.


Brush chipping offers a safe and environmentally friendly option for removing brush once it has been cleared. We can efficiently turn brush piles and branches into usable wood chips. Once the brush has been fed into the chipper, the customer can choose to keep the chips for use in gardens to keep moisture and nutrients in the soil – or we can take it away - your choice!


Green Tree Services offers emergency response to any residential or commercial properties that have been impacted by storms, high winds or snow and ice damage.  Storms can cause limbs or entire trees to fall - often landing on homes and other buildings, cars, roadways or on other trees.  The weight of storm damaged trees is dangerous and can be extremely hazardous to remove or trim.  Our trained arborists can perform this job in a safe manner and reduce further risk of damage to property.  

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